Django Integration

Django Royce Bulksms

Integrate Bulk sms into your project in under 2 minutes

Quick start

Install the package

pip install django-royce-bulksms

Install requests

pip install requests
  1. Add roycebulksms to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this

  2. Include the roycebulksms URLconf in your project urls. py like this

    path('bulksms/', include('roycebulksms.urls')),
  3. Run python migrate to create the BulkSms models.

  4. Start the development server and visit (you'll need to be authenticated to access bulk sms UI).

  5. Visit

Package setup

  • Install this package
  • Open A free account here
  • Generate API key under API menu
  • use our default sender ID RoyceLtd

How to use this package

Using User interface

  • Add Your API key and Sender Id under settings menu
  • Under Bulk SMS click send to phone number. Eneter your phone number to test the integration
  • All SMS sent by the system(both In UI and in Views) will be under Outbox menu

Sending from a View

from roycebulksms.views import sendText
def index(request):


from roycebulksms.views import sendText
def index(request):
res=sendText('0713727937','Hello from my App','RoyceLtd')

For support call/whatsapp 0713 727 937 email: [email protected]